The Abundance Whoosh

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Have you spent years building up a following, an audience, a platform, but you still haven't found a way to monetize that platform? 

Do you consistently produce great content, and yet still have no real way for people to actually support your work, besides maybe books, a Paypal button, and Patreon?

Are you looking for an additional revenue stream to add in to the mix, perhaps a lower priced product in your funnel that leads people through to your coaching or consulting offerings? 

If any of that is you, then I invite you to join us in the April group of The Abundance Whoosh. 

This is the course to learn how to integrate product sales into a creative business in order to grow, serve, and more deeply connect with your audience. 

"Heather's Abundance Whoosh course will make the process of owning your own Shopify store a total cinch - However this is so much more than just a Shopify course, as Heather takes a big picture view of not only creating a Shopify store but using it as a tool to boost your online visibility, increase your subscribers and whoosh your way to impact, profits and so much more! "

- Joanna Hunter - Spiritual Life & Business Coach of

What does that look like? 

  • It looks like having a gorgeous eCommerce site where you sell clever print on demand products geared to your audience and your niche.

  • It looks like learning where to source inexpensive products around the world, related to your niche, that you can resell.

  • It looks like having successful ads that drive traffic to your site, building your email list and audience while you make money with your new revenue stream.

  • It looks like providing your audience with products they really want to buy, that let them be known and self expressed, and make them excited to share your work.

This is what's possible from product sales, and this is what I teach you how to do.

The Promises of the Course are:

If you do the work...  

You will grow your email list
You will grow the audience for your work
You will make money

The course is laid out in six modules over an eight week period (with an implementation week after weeks two and four).  

There are videos, a workbook, a list of resources, a brilliantly supportive Facebook Group for students to get live support, and live calls.  

This course is for people... 

...who are go-getters. People who want to actively participate. People who are inspired and excited, and want to do the work. If that's you (and I hope it is!)... 

I invite you to sign up now.  Space in the course is limited so that I can give a good amount of attention to all the students - so if you know this is for you, sign up now so you don't miss your spot! 

If you're on the fence, please email me and we'll arrange a time to chat. A note about fence sitting: Fence sitting is super uncomfortable. Seriously, I don't know how cowboys and farmers make it look so cool. It puts strain on your lower back, and it's incredibly awkward, trying to balance like that.

So here's my deal on fence sitting. I am committed that you get off the fence, one way or another, and make a really clear choice, either to join this course, or not. I'm not going to reopen it until mid summer at the earliest, so if you are inspired, and want to take action around building a shop, and want to do it in the next couple of months, then you should sign up.

If you're not, then you shouldn't.

If you're on the fence, it's usually because there's a "but" in there somewhere. Like a, "yeah, but," kind of conversation. So let's address those.  Let me know, and we'll get you off the fence, one way or another. 

This course is filled with people who are committed to doing big things in life. For some of them, an eCommerce store is the major source of income they have planned. For others, it's just one revenue stream. But no matter where you are on the spectrum, you will be surrounded by entrepreneurs who are smart, dedicated, and committed to success - for all of us! It's an amazing group, and if you're called to this, then I hope you'll be part of it.

Listen to what Elizabeth has to say about her experience in The Abundance Whoosh: 

But Wait, there's More! (said in a perfect infomercial voice) 

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Sign up now, and make the commitment to get your shop going, bring more revenue into your life, and spread your art and message far and wide.

Heck yeah! I'm in!
Heather Teysko
Heather Teysko
Writer, Podcaster, Storyteller & Adventurer

About the Instructor

Heather Teysko has been writing about her passion - history - online since 1998 when she built her first GeoCities site on Colonial America. She was one of the first people on Blogger when it was still blogspot, and has developed dozens of passion projects online over the years. 

It is with her Renaissance English History Podcast that she has really built a business, though. Started in 2009, her podcast is one of the leading indie history podcasts, with about 50,000 unique downloads per month. She has published Tudor-themed novels, created the first ever Tudor Summit online virtual summit, and runs, her online shop filled with Tudor products. In 2016 she created the Tudor Planner, the first planner/diary that combines Tudor history with planning, and it has sold around the world, quadrupling in 2017 from the five-figure launch in 2016.

She is passionate about empowering other artists, writers, musicians, and creatives to use product sales to grow their audience, and combines a passion for technology with her creativity and enthusiasm that makes her courses exciting and filled with practical information that will propel your business forward.