Podcast Bootcamp

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Do you want to start a podcast? Not sure how to begin? How on earth do you get on iTunes? Where do you host it? What if you don't even know how to record yourself, or know what kind of mic to get?

All of this, and more, is covered in the Podcast Bootcamp, available in the Passionista Accelerator Academy for enrolled students. We go through the process of creating a show, recording it, uploading to a hosting service, and submitting to iTunes, in four modules (consisting of videos and worksheets). 

Banish the fear of the 'cast! You'll be a 'cast master when you're finished with this course!

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Heather Teysko
Heather Teysko
Writer, Podcaster, Storyteller & Adventurer

About the instructor

Heather Teysko has been writing about her passion - history - online since 1998 when she built her first GeoCities site on Colonial America. She was one of the first people on Blogger when it was still blogspot, and has developed dozens of passion projects online over the years. 

It is with her Renaissance English History Podcast that she has really built a business, though. Started in 2009, her podcast is one of the leading indie history podcasts, with about 50,000 unique downloads per month. She has published Tudor-themed novels, created the first ever Tudor Summit online virtual summit, and runs TudorFair.com, her online shop filled with Tudor products. In 2016 she created the Tudor Planner, the first planner/diary that combines Tudor history with planning, and it has sold around the world, quadrupling in 2017 from the five-figure launch in 2016.

She is passionate about empowering other artists, writers, musicians, and creatives to use product sales to grow their audience, and combines a passion for technology with her creativity and enthusiasm that makes her courses exciting and filled with practical information that will propel your business forward.

What's included?

4 Videos
3 PDFs

The Podcast Bootcamp is available in the Passionista Accelerator Academy, or available for a one time fee.

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