Creative Monetization for Creative People

Creative Monetization for Creative People

A three part workshop on the myriad of ways you can monetize your art and passion in 2019

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It's never been easier to become an online entrepreneur, and move your passion from a hobby to a legitimate business. But where do you start? The choices can feel overwhelming. 

The biggest problem for creatives isn't that they aren't smart enough to figure out how to make a living online from their passions. It's that there is no roadmap that says, "start here, do this, create that, see results." 

That's what you're going to do in this three part series of trainings with accompanying slides.

By the end of the course you will have a clear understanding of how you can serve your audience through your art, and have a plan for implementing those strategies. 

Here are what some students said:

"I thought this was going to be the same work I'd already done, but I've never done it in this way before!"

"I signed up thinking it would just be one more thing that didn't deliver the value it said. Boy was I wrong!"

Day One:

How to get clear on who your art is serving, and who your audience really is

Even though you might not think of it this way, your art is truly serving people. This session will cover who your audience really is, and what you are providing them. We'll also start to go over their struggles.

Day Two:

Ways that your art can solve their struggle

Your art makes a tangible contribution to people, and in this session we will talk about what that is, and the various ways that you serve through your arts and gifts. We will go over all the online monetization strategies that exist now so that you can get some clarity on what you can offer.

Day Three:

How to connect those two

There's a sweet spot between what you can offer, and what your audience wants, and in this session we'll find that sweet spot, and also give you some firm options to plan your strategy going forward

Heather Teysko
Heather Teysko
Writer, Podcaster, Storyteller & Adventurer

About the instructor

Heather Teysko has been writing about her passion - history - online since 1998 when she built her first GeoCities site on Colonial America. She was one of the first people on Blogger when it was still blogspot, and has developed dozens of passion projects online over the years. 

It is with her Renaissance English History Podcast that she has really built a business, though. Started in 2009, her podcast is one of the leading indie history podcasts, with about 50,000 unique downloads per month. She has published Tudor-themed novels, created the first ever Tudor Summit online virtual summit, and runs, her online shop filled with Tudor products. In 2016 she created the Tudor Planner, the first planner/diary that combines Tudor history with planning, and it has sold around the world, quadrupling in 2017 from the five-figure launch in 2016.

She is passionate about empowering other artists, writers, musicians, and creatives to use product sales to grow their audience, and combines a passion for technology with her creativity and enthusiasm that makes her courses exciting and filled with practical information that will propel your business forward.

What's included?

3 Videos
3 PDFs

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