The Passionista Accelerator Academy

The Abundance Whoosh: Growing your Art and Audience through Selling Products

The Abundance Whoosh

*the* course to learn how to integrate product sales into a creative business in order to grow, serve, and deeply connect with your audience.

Online Summit Roadmap

Learn how to produce and launch an online virtual summit in your niche, positioning yourself as an expert, building your list, and serving your audience all at once.

12 x $47.00

The Passionista Accelerator Academy

Podcast Bootcamp

Learn how to create and launch a podcast in four modules.

Instagram Training with Mandy Zelinka

Mandy Zelinka, CEO of the Zelinka Agency provides the most up to date training on Instagram you need to build your brand and stay on message. Only available as part of the Passionista Accelerator Academy.